Accelerating platform growth

Photon Capital is a hands-on investor which invests in high quality companies that form the building blocks of the digital economy. Building on our market knowledge and experience, we create digital platform companies in a broad range of sub-sectors. We focus on sectors that we believe to have solid long-term growth potential or other fundamental characteristics. We build companies into platforms by expansion into new geographies, deepening of product lines and add-on investments, while professionalizing the organization to absorb such growth sustainably.

"Transforming companies into platforms"                 

Our approach is focused on strengthening established businesses by making them suitable as a platform for growth. Photon actively works with management to develop a shared strategy related to the execution of the organic growth and buy-and-build strategy. Doing so requires the experience and expertise of our team, and a compelling vision on building businesses which can withstand the test of time. We achieve growth through growth capital, know-how and proactive and strategic support.