Amsterdam, 20 December 2023

Photon Capital announces the acquisition of the KPN datacenter in Haarlem by its portfolio company Penta Infra, a fast-growing provider of reliable, sustainable, and highly connected edge and core datacenters in Europe. The facility was previously owned by KPN for their hosting and datacenter services and is currently limited in its use.

Penta Infra currently operates a portfolio of 11 datacenters in Germany, France, Denmark and The Netherlands. The acquisition of the carrier and cloud neutral KPN datacenter establishes Penta Infra’s presence in the metropolitan region Amsterdam and will expand its footprint in the Dutch market, which is part of Penta Infra’s long term strategy to expand its pan-European portfolio of edge and core datacenters. KPN will remain a tenant in the location so that they can ensure continuity for their network division while Penta Infra redevelops the other rooms into state-of-the-art IT rooms for colocation customers.

Igor Josephus Jitta, Partner at Photon Capital: “Photon Capital is proud to witness another milestone in our portfolio company, Penta Infra. The acquisition of this new datacenter fits well with the long term strategy of the company and complements their existing portfolio. We will continue to look for add-on acquisitions in the European market, like this one, to accelerate the growth of Penta Infra.”

Alex Bakker, Chief Executive Officer at Penta Infra added: “We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Penta Infra family with the acquisition of our new state-of-the-art datacenter facility in the metropolitan region Amsterdam. This strategic move marks a significant milestone for us, further solidifying our position as a leading player in the datacenter industry. With this expansion, we are poised to meet the growing demands of our clients for secure, high-performance data solutions. We look forward to leveraging the incredible potential of this facility and delivering exceptional services to our valued partners and customers worldwide.”



About Photon Capital

Photon Capital is a specialized investor that builds and transforms platform businesses in digital infrastructure and energy. Our in-depth industry knowledge, a hands-on approach and broad experience form the main ingredients of our value creation programs.


About Penta Infra

Penta Infra is a fast-growing provider of reliable, sustainable and highly connected data centers, both in core and edge locations in Europe. Active in Germany, France, The Netherlands and Denmark, we provide solutions ranging from full service colocation to build-to-suit data centers. Our data centers are positioned on strategic locations in Europe, allowing you to deliver your data where it needs to be: close to your customers.

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Amsterdam, 11 December 2023

Atom86 is a provider of IP transit and connectivity services with 26 physical points-of-presence, serving over 70 datacenters throughout the Netherlands.

Atom86 focusses on constructing, designing, and managing of infrastructures that demand high-quality and dependable connectivity. The company's team is dedicated to maintaining the highest service and infrastructure management standards for its clients.

OctoNona’s mission is to empower customers by providing fast, reliable, and high-quality connectivity solutions, specializing in building and maintaining essential infrastructures. The acquisition of atom86, along with the earlier acquisition of Layer23, significantly enhances OctoNona's capabilities and service offerings. The combination enables OctoNona to offer a broader range of connectivity solutions to its clients that include IP transit and other connectivity services.

Maarten, CEO of OctoNona, stated, “We are excited to add such an experienced and renowned team of industry experts with the acquisition of atom86. Incorporating atom86 alongside our existing infrastructure, positions us to address the growing demands for secure, high-performance connectivity solutions. We are thrilled about our combined strengths and eager to provide improved services to our partners and clients."

Alex Bakker, Managing Partner at Photon Capital, commented, “Acquiring atom86 signifies an expansion in OctoNona’s service offerings and market reach, and a commitment to upholding a high-quality standard of connectivity offerings. We moreover see the addition of atom86 as an important step towards building a platform ready for European growth.”


About Photon Capital:

Photon Capital is a specialized investor that builds and transforms platform businesses in digital infrastructure and energy. Our in-depth industry knowledge, a hands-on approach and broad experience form the main ingredients of our value creation programs.


About OctoNona:

OctoNona a European connectivity provider, specializing in developing, designing, and managing infrastructures for customers that demand high-quality connectivity solutions.

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About atom86:

atom86 builds, designs, and manages infrastructures where fast, reliable, and high-quality connectivity is mission critical. Resolving customers connectivity issues and optimising their infrastructure is at the company’s core. Offering a range of connectivity services that include: IP Transit, Datacenter Connectivity, Cloud Connect and Secure Connect.

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About Schuberg Philis:

Schuberg Philis provides mission-critical IT to organizations in vital industries. The company is founded on the belief that IT can impact business and society for the better. With two locations in the Netherlands and more than 400 colleagues, Schuberg Philis takes a human-centric approach that lives up to its tagline: “It's the people, actually.” The company works with diverse customers, such as Achmea, Argenta, BNP Paribas, CCV, De Volksbank, Enexis, Geldmaat, HEINEKEN, ING, Jumbo, KLM, Ministry of Finance, MN, Nederlands Loodswezen, NewCold, NS, Philips DA, Port of Rotterdam, PostNL, and Rabobank.   

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Amsterdam, 16 January 2023

Photon Capital announces the acquisition of the colocation business and Paris datacenter campus of Sungard AS France by its portfolio company Penta Infra, a European colocation provider. The completion of this acquisition contributes to Penta Infra’s long-term growth strategy to become a leading colocation player in Europe.

Penta Infra’s portfolio already consists of 10 datacenters in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. The acquisition of the Paris datacenter campus opens the French market for Penta Infra. The datacenter campus lays on a 16.000m² plot and offers significant opportunities for expansion. The site is currently a 4 megawatt datacenter and will be developed into a 10+ megawatt datacenter.

Igor Josephus Jitta, Partner at Photon Capital, commented: “We are very excited that Penta Infra is entering the French market with this landmark acquisition. We believe the acquisition will be fundamental to Penta Infra’s ambition for European growth as we are adding a FLAP (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris) location to Penta Infra’s portfolio. This is the ideal steppingstone for expanding Penta Infra’s operations further into France as we will be actively looking for add-on acquisitions in the country.”

Patrick van der Wilt, Chief Commercial Officer at Penta Infra, added: “The acquisition of the datacenter campus is a new chapter in our ambition to increase our datacenter footprint in Europe. The high profile customer base, a dense partner-ecosystem that provides a wide range of connectivity and public cloud options, combined with the ability to scale on the campus positions Penta Infra well for developing our business in Europe. Immediate investments to modernize and expand the facilities will provide our current and future clients with one of the most modern and sustainable facilities in Europe where we see our Penta Infra Copenhagen (2022 Award winner ‘most sustainable datacenter project in Denmark’) as reference.”


About Photon Capital

Photon Capital is a specialized investor that builds and transforms platform businesses in digital infrastructure and technology. In-depth industry knowledge, a hands-on approach and broad experience form the main ingredients of our value creation programs.


About Penta Infra

Penta Infra is a rapidly growing provider of edge and hub datacenters in Europe and currently owns and operates 10 sustainable and highly connected facilities in Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark. The datacenters are strategically located on edge locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen and other major cities, allowing Penta Infra's clients to deliver an optimal digital customer experience to their end users.

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About Sungard Availability Services

Founded in 1978, Sungard Availability Services helps businesses transform their IT environments, ensuring they are resilient and recoverable. The company leverages its experience across a broad range of IT landscapes to align the right workloads with the right infrastructures—whether hybrid cloud or legacy.